Asian Movie Chart Juni 2012


Asian Movie Chart Juni 2012Hanzi: 画皮 II
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Director: Wu’ershan
Starring: Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Yang Mi
Release: 2012-6-28
Genre: Fantasy, mystery
Plot: According to demon lore, it takes hundreds of years to attain human form. Even then, lacking a human heart, a demon cannot experience the true pains and passions of existence. However, there is a legend that if a pure human heart is freely offered to a demon, it can become a mortal and experience true life.



Asian Movie Chart Juni 2012

“The Taste of Money” deals with the world of the wealthiest of “Chaebul” families and their desires, love, hatred, sex and murder. Young Jak (Kim Kang-Woo) has worked for CEO Yoon (Baek Yun Shik) for the past 10 years. Yoon is married to Baek Geum Ok (Yoon Yeo Jung), the daughter of the wealthiest man in Korea. They have a daughter Na Mi (Kim Hyo Jin) who is the only person that disagrees with her family’s actions.



Asian Movie Chart Juni 2012

When Mutta was 12 years old and Hibito was 9 years old, the two brothers saw what they thought was an UFO flying towards the moon. They made a pact then to become astronauts and one day fly into space together. Fast forward to the year 2025, older brother Mutta (Shun Oguri) works for an automotive company and his younger brother Hibito works as an astronaut. Although Mutta failed to follow through on his childhood promise, after losing his job, he receives a phone call from Hibito which reignites his childhood dream of flying into outer space.

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