Di Jual Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi - Tablet - 16 GB - 9.7" IPS ( 1024 x 768 ) - rear camera + front camera - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - white (Personal Computers) I've been looking for a tablet computer for a while and finally settled on the iPad 2 (white, 16Gb, wifi only) over the iPad 3 and Archos G9 80. I haven't been disappointed. It was easy to set-up (maybe about 10 minutes to register our home wifi connection, register the product and create an Apple user account). There's not much I can add in terms of describing the product itself - it's a superb piece of technology. I don't regret purchasing the iPad 2 over the newer version. I paid £305 through Amazon re-seller Chat & Vision and consider this to be a bargain against the £100+ extra you would pay for the new iPad (in May 2012). If having the absolute latest version isn't that important to you, I'd recommend trying to grab an iPad 2 while they are still available and around the £300 mark - I think this represents really good value for the 'average' user.

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