Wiwid Gunawan Sexy foto

[imagetag] http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-E-j1Y4N8bW0/Tw5gH34IX-I/AAAAAAAAxe0/YHnGRK0rEiI/s1600/wiwid%2Bgunawan%2Bpopular%2Bphoto%2Bsexy%2B09.jpg Born in Bandung on June 21, 1982, Earth Sapta Rujuniarti or better known as Wiwid Gunawan is steady choosing acting as a way of life. Her debut is 'shocking' in the movie Married obviously will not make the man looked away, not to mention some of her role on the huge cover attached to the sensual character. Wiwid started her career in the entertainment world as an advertising model open chances of entering the film diligence. "Basically, I was acting a leisure activity. So the advertising model that's just a fad wrote. By acting I feel free to explore herself, trying to described a character who is not a suggestion of ourselves we really are," she said.[imagetag][imagetag][imagetag]

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